eLeht is engaged in manufacturing of webpages for small and medium businesses.

6 Reasons Why To Choose Your webpage Development here !

1. Favorable and transparent prices for you

Soodsad hinnadDefinitely you have seen web-developer's sites that commonly state: "prices starting from…", "contact us for price calculation as each site is different…", "it is not possible to figure exact price till…", etc. Indeed it is not actually so and it is possible to calculate webpage price and put it onto a pricelist. To be more transparent we have made a pricelist basing on components - it will give you an overview how and what your webpage price is compiled off. You are able to see what will be the price of your webpage without spending your time on meaningless queries. This will help you to avoid the situation when the price is not clearly outlined and can depend on the size, portfolio or other factors of your company.

2. You will receive a fast and individual solution

Kiired lahendusedSurfing through the internet is possible to see many webpages with the same design. The companies behind those sites are related to each other only in one – they have ordered their webpages from the same web-developer or service provider. It is easy to meet similar services where actually the same template is used (the differences are only in picture, name and logos). You will NOT find such solutions here: the template is individually adjusted exactly to your company. The web-development of you webpage is done for you as easy as it can be. Templates are compiled so that you can choose your webpage structure that suites you already from the beginning of the project and we will not spend your valuable time and money on developing of structure from the beginning. The template is not the webpage you will receive - it's only a base to bring into live web-page that is structured like you are aiming for. Basing on your thoughts chosen template will be personalized and you will receive webpage that is unique and as you wanted.

3. Substantial experience that work's for you

Kodulehe valmistamise kogemusedThe first webpage has been designed by us more than 7 years ago; throughout all those years additional experience and knowledge have been gathered. Using all our experience we can offer you solution that really works. We can provide you with a webpage that will bring you new customers. It can happen that you stick to an idea and see things one-sided, in those cases it is good to have a side assistant who see thing wider and can help you to develop your idea and receive better results

4. Content Management System is really easy to use

Lihtne sisuhaldustarkvaraWhen your webpage is created and gone live, to stay current you will need a Content Management System (CMS) helping you to update your webpage content. Usage of good CMS secures that you can act independently after your site is ready and you will not depend on your web-page developer. Using CMS you can update your information anytime you want. There is a lot of CMS available and everyone is offering its own. By ordering your webpage here you will receive eLehtCMS content management system. What is the main advantage of using eLehtCMS - of course it is the simplicity of it! One of the main risks by ordering webpage somewhere else is that even provided with CMS the management of such webpage can be complicated, sometimes even impossible. It can offer 1000+1 different possibilities that look fancy, but need special education/knowledge to be used. The most of the CMS are done by the developers with terms and logic intrinsic to them, but incomprehensible for ordinary users. It is also very common that manuals for such systems are missing and user-trainings are provided for a bonny sum of money. Altogether such web-developments end with a webpage which management is beyond your ability or impossible without an expertise knowledge. eLehtCMS on the other hand is continuously developing system that is based on the feedback from everyday users. That is what makes eLehtCMS understandable for everyone. You can be sure that our CMS will not impede your ability to update your webpage. eLehtCMS is provided with detailed manual containing all additional clarifications.

5. Effective support is always available for you

Tõhus klienditugiOur cooperation does not end with your webpage development. After you webpage will go live you will not be left alone. Frequently after your webpage will start functioning some new ideas can come alive, also there can be questions concerning usage of it. We are the entire time ready to help you and you can always count on us. At the same time We do not proceed from the principle that nothing is free - small additions are also available free of charge. In any need contact us and we definitely will find a solution.

6. Free choice for independent hosting

Sõltumatu serveriteenusAt the final phase of your webpage development you will have to order a domain name and to find a hosting place for your page.
 We will find the service provider with the best quality-price ratio (as our specialization is web-development, we do not provide web-hosting) and we will do all the needed registrations. If you wish you can choose the service provider also by yourself. By having web- development and web-hosting spitted you are secured of situation when web-developer is hosting your webpage on its own server requesting for that fee higher than the average, also then there is a risk of limited access to your webpage files and the dependence from your web- developer will remain. By using eLeht service such situation is ruled out and you will have access to your page files in any time.
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